Meditation Stories

Enlightened masters have often made use of stories to convey the message to us. Stories are very much used by Jewish sages, Gautam Buddha, Osho, Ramana Maharshi, Gurdjieff and Sri Ramakrishna.

Meditation stories are being shared to make the meditation more clearer to meditators. A good story has the potential of inspiring us as well as clearing many of our doubts. Sincerity is very much needed in the path of  meditation. Some one who is sincere in his/her practice grows in spirituality very quickly.

Here, we have collected meditation stories from different traditions for understanding the meditation. We hope these stories will be help to meditators.

Meditation Stories:

  1. Zen story of a Martial Art student
  2. Gautam Buddha and Prince Shrona
  3. Hindu Mythological story - Churning of Ocean
  4. Gautam Buddha teaching art of meditation to Ananda

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